Reading Rockets Celebrates Black History Month

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Have you discovered Reading Rockets yet? The award-winning website is geared to adults, helping kids learn to read. During Black History Month they feature a comprehensive list of resources to use throughout the year. Highlighted books include:
bronzeville boys and girlsBronzeville Boys and Girls
by Gwendolyn Brooks
A collection of poems that celebrate the joy, beauty, imagination, and freedom of childhood, written by poet Gwendolyn Brooks and illustrated by Faith Ringgold.

Inspired by Brooks’s Chicago neighborhood, the events, feelings and thoughts of the children in the verse take on a timeless quality. The language and tone appear to be casual, but each poem is tightly constructed, rhythmic and distinctive.

Great MigrationThe Great Migration: Journey to the North
by Eloise Greenfield

An evocative portrait of African-Americans who moved North during the Great Migration between 1915 and 1930 to escape Ku Klux Klan-fueled racism and to secure better lives. In forceful free verse, travelers bid farewell to what they’ve known.

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