Free State of Jones

Free_State_of_Jones_posterWhether you see this movie because you like immersive dramas based on historical fact, or simply want to catch Matthew McConaughey in the act of…really acting, you may emerge, as I did, entertained, appalled, and inspired.  

I left the theater wondering if there was a book that would verify any of the facts for me…and there is! And we have it! Some fellow patron has it now, but if you are craving some facts to flesh out what is reportedly a fairly historically faithful film, put yourself on the hold list for The free state of Jones : Mississippi’s longest civil war.

Not sure you care? Here is some more background, and one of the more positive film reviews:

Smithsonian: The True Story of the ‘Free State of Jones’

New York Times Review:

-Contributed by Diana T.


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