Bye-bye Summer, hello Fall!

Essay Collections Fall 2016
Essay Collections Fall 2016

Goodbye juicy hammock reads, fluffy beach books, and lazy afternoon novels, yummy as they are.

Hello fall, with its gravitas, critical thinking, and deeper thought. We turn this season from the light of summer to – well, perhaps a little less light this fall; from the candy of fiction to the meat of the matter – essays. Essays that give us something to chew on, to ruminate upon, or to grab a friend and talk about.

And we have a great list of essays for you! From the folks at Signature Reads comes 12 of the Best Essay Collections for Your Fall Reading. As Signature puts it, “As summer wanes and fall begins, here’s a look at some of the essay collections out this season that might point you towards a new perspective” – or at least give you something to chew on. Enjoy!

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