In Carl Hiaasen’s Weird World of Florida Fiction, Anything Goes


Ahh, Florida! Land of swamps and Disney, beaches and Boca, the everyday and the surreal. Florida native Carl Hiassen has been poking fun at his home state for years in his novels, a signature brand of crime and conservation cocktails. This week “Signature Reads” highlights Carl Hiassen’s Florida hijinks, with an overview of his novels and a heads up for his newest, Razor Girl.

Razor Girl by Carl Hiaasen
Razor Girl begins with a literal collision between Merry Mansfield — Razor Girl herself — and talent agent Lane Coolman. What follows is a series of intricate twists and turns that only Hiaasen could dream up. Lovers of fiction will revel in Hiaasen’s intricate, expert plotting. Fans of Hiaasen’s will rejoice and newcomers will undoubtedly find a new favorite in his latest novel.

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