Bailey’s Story: Second in the series “New Books for Boys”

baileys-storyAnd here is the second “new books for boys” I read and enjoyed ’cause I love dogs…
Bailey’s Story, by W. Bruce Cameron

This book was told from the perspective of the dog, Bailey – as the book’s front cover reads “An Irresistible Tale of a Dog and His Boy”.  The reader will follow Bailey, from his earliest puppyhood memories in a puppy mill, to his rescue and new home which includes Bailey’s boy, Ethan, and their growing up years. Bailey loves his boy and takes very seriously his “job” as the boy’s playmate, constant companion, protector and comforter.  Boys from seven through ten or eleven would enjoy this story, especially if they have a dog. Besides enjoying the story, they would learn a new perspective about how dogs figure out their humans and their lives together.  A movie is being made, based on this book, called “A Dog’s Purpose” and I bet it’s going to be just as enjoyable!

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