Not As We Know It: Third in our “New Books for Boys” Series


“Stories often end with letting something go.” OK, I’ll just tell you now – this book ends with leaving the reader in tears.  But on the way, it’s a really good story about twin brothers, Jamie and Ned, who do everything together.
Read on for more of Tom Avery’s latest, Not as We Know It

Brothers Jamie and Ned especially love Star Trek (they have and watch all the old TV episodes), and gathering “treasures” on the beach after a storm.  They live on the coast of England with their mom, dad, and grandpa nearby. After one big storm, as the boys are hunting on the beach, they come across, and take home with them, a mysterious live creature unlike any sea creature they’ve ever seen. The creature is kept, secretly, in their garage as Ned decides this is their last big adventure.  Ned was born with a serious lung disease and his prognosis is grim, but his life’s motto is “to go boldly”, and that is what he’s tried to teach his brother.  This is a great story full of ten to twelve year old boys’ interests and imaginations. If you have a boy that could handle the ending, I would encourage you to recommend this book to him.  – Contributed by Shirley, lover of kids books

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