What Elephants Know…Last of my series “New Books for Boys”

elephantsI loved this advice, early in the book, “Sometimes we must commit ourselves to do what is most important to us, without worrying about our fate.” I would hope that anyone who reads this would stop to ponder on that a minute…

Nandu is the main character.  He was abandoned by his parents at a very young age, found living under the protective watch of a pack of wild dogs and then raised by a wise and loving head of an elephant stable in the Nepalese Borderlands between China and India.  Nandu’s “mother” is the fierce and affectionate female elephant, Devi Kali.  What Elephants Know gives the reader a colorful and exciting look at the physical and emotional environment in this part of the world.  Very entertaining – exciting in places, sad in others – the reader will not want to put this down.  As an adult, I enjoyed this read and was surprised to find out that my almost ten year old grandson had also just read it.  We both recommend it with four stars!! — Contributed by Shirley, a lover of kids’ books

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