Richard Russo Chronicles Small-Town America

If you haven’t read any of Richard Russo’s books, you are missing something special! Russo has the ability to deeply and intimately develop a variety of characters, masterfully weaving several plot lines, allowing the reader to relax and feel good spending time with his characters.

I read Empire Falls a few years ago, and remember the 2002 Pulitzer Prize-winning book as a really good story about a small, crumbling town in Maine.

nobodysnewmanWhen Everybody’s Fool was released last year, I knew I wanted to read it, but I wanted to read Nobody’s Fool first, knowing that Everybody’s Fool is a continuation of the story.  I remember seeing the movie Nobody’s Fool, starring Paul Newman as Sully; so, as I read both books, I pictured Paul Newman as Sully (not a bad image to spend some time with during a great story…!).

Russo is an intelligent, witty and insightful author who is a masterful storyteller. I read both books back to back because I wanted to stay with the characters, which is not always how I feel after reading a book that has a subsequent installation.

I highly recommend these books as a great way to pass the winter!

-Contributed by Shirley O.

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