March Madness

Just what IS “March Madness”?

According to Wikipedia, March Madness is: “The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball  single-elimination tournament played each spring in the United States, currently featuring 68 college basketball teams from the Division I level of the NCAA, to determine the national championship.
Played mostly during March, it is known informally as March Madness or the Big Dance, and has become one of the most famous annual sporting events in the United States. “

Back from the Dead book coverHave you caught the Madness? If you are indeed a fan, or even if you’re not, here’s a great book to read during this mad, mad season – Back from the Dead, by Bill Walton.
From our catalog:
This inspiring memoir from sports and cultural icon Bill Walton recounts his devastating injuries and amazing recoveries, set in the context of his UCLA triumphs, his storied NBA career, and his affinity for music and the Grateful Dead.

Bill Walton caricatureIn 2008, Bill Walton suffered a catastrophic spinal collapse–the culmination of a lifetime of injuries–that left him unable to move. The excruciating pain and slow three year recovery tested Walton to the fullest. But with extraordinary patience, fortitude, determination, and sacrifice–and pioneering surgery–he recovered, and now shares his life story in this remarkable and unique memoir.

In his own words, Back from the Dead shares this dramatic story, including his basketball and broadcasting careers, his many setbacks and rebounds, and his ultimate triumph as the toughest of champions.

Now a broadcaster, Walton brought a refreshing burst of Deadhead/hippie fresh air to the sports scene in the 1970s as a UCLA and later NBA Hall of Fame-level player. At 64, he’s still a tie-dye loyalist. Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart even blurbed the book: “This isn’t a basketball story, it’s a story of victory over adversity and the Tao of positive thinking.”
– Robert Gray, Shelf Awareness

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