Feed our Brain and Soul: April is National Poetry Month

…Resistance is futile.

move & roll on to this poem
do not resist this poem
this poem has your eyes
this poem has his head
this poem has his arms
this poem has his fingers
this poem has his fingertips

-Excerpt from “Beware: Do Not Read This Poem,” by Ishmael Reed

Whether you are a poet and ya know it, or have nightmares of analyzing poetry in high school, it may be time to approach the subject anew: you may just be surprised at what speaks to something within. Here are some ways to dip your toe back into that poetry pool….

  • Check out the poetry lists featured on the homepage of the catalog, with an eclectic sampling of classic and modern poets to appeal to adults, kids, and teens. Don’t see what you want? Simply search using the term “poetry” or look up poets by name.

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