Libraries Transform…

April 9-15 is National Library Week

What We Do

More than “just” books, we are a place of information, offering people free access to a wealth of information that they often can’t find elsewhere, whether online, in print or in person.

  • We Build Community
    In addition to connecting people to information, we also connect people to people. We are a safe haven for kids when school is not in session, we offer after school homework help, games and book clubs. We offer computer classes and coaching, enabling older adults stay engaged in a digital world.
  • We Provide Access
    We level the playing field. We serve people of every age, income level, location, ethnicity, or physical ability, and we provide the full range of information resources needed to live, learn, govern, and work.
  • We Promote Literacy
    We are committed to helping children and adults develop the skills they need to survive and thrive in a global information society: the ability to read and use computers.
  • We Protect Your Rights
    We are advocates for your right to read and your right to reader privacy.

We are a hub for community engagement, a platform for great minds to come together, and a great place to be!

Libraries Transform!

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