Colorful Poetry: Poems for all seasons, all faces, all beings

Reading to your kids? Try reaching for a book of poetry during this National Poetry Month. We have loads of kids poetry books, from whimsical to poignant – and our friends at Brightly have offered even more selections, with their list of diverse poetry books.

From the Brightly blog: “I love poetry because it’s so universal, unique, and accessible to kids. The compact, songlike nature of many poems can make learning language feel almost effortless to children. They don’t even realize how much they’re retaining by reciting a simple nursery rhyme or short poem.” – Charnaie Gordon

Sharing the SeasonsVisit our children’s poetry display; you’ll find all sorts of poems – lyrical , funny, imaginative, nostalgic, and silly.
Pick up something poetic to share with your little ones, such as Sharing the Seasons: A Book of Poems. Happy Poetry Month!


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