Teens Recommend…TCC Book Selections

Question of the month comes from TCC member Walton! Is the Flash fast enough to phase through walls?

Book: Endangered by Eliot Schrefer

About: Sophie goes to visit her mother’s bonobos sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo when civil unrest breaks out. She and her new bonobo friend, Otto, struggle to survive through the turmoil.

Recommended by: Rashida O. (High School Teen)

Book: The Alchemist by Michael Scott

About: There is a necromancer… so you should totally read it!!!

Recommended by: Simon M. (Middle School Teen)

Book: Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan

About: The mysterious warrior group called the Rangers chooses Will to join them. They haven’t had a new Ranger in a while, especially someone so young. He soon finds himself being tracked and hunted during his training. Will and his teacher Halt have to decide what they are going to do if they want to live and save those around them.

Recommended by: Walton B. (Middle School Teen)

Book: Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks

About: Maggie is being haunted. However, the ghost is the least of her problems since she is starting high school and it’s time to make friends that aren’t her brothers!

Recommended by: Rashida O. (High School Teen)

Book: Beyonders by Brandon Mull

About: When Jason gets eaten by a hippo and wakes up in a new world, he discovers that it is ruled by an evil wizard. Jason then meets Rachel in this new world, who helps him put together a magical word that is the only thing capable of defeating the evil wizard, Maldor!

Recommended by: Simon M. (Middle School Teen)

Book: Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi

About: Emily discovers the secrets of her family and takes on the role of stonekeeper. The land of Alledia is being ruled by the evil Elf King and it is up to Emily her allies to make the world safe again.

Recommended by: Rashida O. (High School Teen)

Book: Doctor Who

About: Anything Doctor Who! Read it, watch it, talk about it!

Recommended by: Simon M. (Middle School Teen)

Book: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

About: Even though this in adult general fiction, I have to recommend it! This book is about 10 mysterious guests who have never met each other, until the day they are invited to a party on an island. All 10 guests were invited by a mysterious host that none of them know. Once all of the guests arrive on the island, they realize there is no host. The 10 guests start to panic and suddenly there is a murder. The guests are tasked with solving  the murder if they want to survive their stay on the island.

Recommended by: Walton B. (Middle School Teen)

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