Page to Screen this Spring

So…I made it to the movies this weekend! Inspired by what I saw, I realized it had been some time since I posted about book adaptations for the big screen.

While not the best movie of all time, I was thoroughly entertained this weekend by Their Finest, a good-natured film that blends humor, drama, and romance into its narrative of a Welsh woman finding her path as a propagandist screenwriter in wartime London. The attention to period detail was lovely (yet not suffocating, as some historical pieces can be), the lead actors were engaging, and Bill Nighy (who I most recently enjoyed in Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) was spot-on as an aging actor coming to terms with his diminishing opportunities.

Not sure if this English flick is your cup of tea? Check out what else is on offer this spring…

– Contributed by Diana T.

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