Eclipse Fever

eclipse 2017

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will sweep the United States, along a narrow path stretching from Oregon to South Carolina. The event is called the “Great American Eclipse” because it will be so accessible to a large number of Americans: it is estimated that 22 million will witness this wondrous natural event, when the sky darkens at midday, and the tenuous solar corona becomes visible to the naked eye.

Caution: Anticipation of this extraordinary event can result in what we refer to as Eclipse Fever.
Notice one of the fever’s victims, sitting in the Library lobby.

Symptoms of Eclipse Fever include:
Rushes of excitement about the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21

  • Willingness to stand outside with very dark NASA-approved safety glasses to watch this celestial event
  • Harboring dreams of driving to Wyoming to watch the 100% totality version of the eclipse, and terrible disappointment in realizing that you have not made any reservations to do so.

Attend the Library Eclipse story time on August 10 @ 10:30. Listen to stories about space and information about safe observation of the eclipse.

Learn, celebrate, and view this historic celestial event with us during August!

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