NaNoWriMo Contest Entry: Walton B.

This short essay comes from Walton B., a freshman at Fairview High School. If you would like to be our next published writer on the Lafayette Public Library blog, then read all about our National Novel Writing Month Contest for grades K-12. Read on to check out Walton’s essay…

I Believe
By Walton B.

I believe that nobody including myself is perfect, but that everyone and myself have goodness inside, even with their monsters. This belief includes the belief that I am flawed and have monsters inside me, but even though all of the bad parts of me, there is still goodness which can come out and strive.

Growing up, everyone has someone that they look up to, someone that they want to be like, because they think they are the best and most perfect person ever. For me, as a child, that person was the great Han Solo, he was charming and always was there whenever he was needed. A few years later, I finally understood what he did for a living. This was so difficult for me to believe that he, who I thought was some great hero that saved the universe, was a thief that would rip off people just for money. Now when I look back, this is when I started to think that everything that everyone did, was just for their own benefit.

About 3 years ago, I started to join different groups that would volunteer every week, here I saw people who were taking their time to sort out toys just so children that didn’t have enough money to celebrate Christmas, could still get something from it. This caused me to realize another thing: everyone also has some goodness inside them.

Just as a final thought, I want to say that it is okay to ask for help, that no one ever has to do anything alone, that there will always be someone out there watching and ready to jump in to help at a moment’s notice. But that everyone should be that person, ready to help anyone if they need it. No one ever has to face anything alone, there will always be someone there to help, but also be that is there for others. Everyone has the capability to do this, but the choice is yours.

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