A Bit of Magic

Gifts-gifts-gifts- what to get young folks for the holidays! Games, clothes, gift cards?

Wait! How about a bit of magic?

Stephen King describes books as “a uniquely portable magic”.  And what better gift  to give to the teens and preteens in your life than the magic that opens the doors and windows of the imagination! We have sites and books to help you find lots of magical suggestions for your gift list. (You’re welcome.)

Volcano Beneath the SnowYA Books: 50 Best YA Books (of all time)  This site features a curated list of the best YA books, from 1967 til the present. Find the books in the catalog
Try this for young history fans: A Volcano Beneath the Snow : John Brown’s War Against Slavery by Albert Marrin

The Quirk E. holiday gift guide is fun just to look through! You’ll find interesting books and gifts for fangirls and basic witches, movie buffs, the horror obsessed, and even gifts to inspire young readers

Try this recommended book from the quirky gift guide: Geekerella by Ashley Poston.

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