Movies in the Holiday Spirit

Tired of the same old same old holiday TV shows and movies? Try these unexpected holiday-ish gems, as recommended by our resident film buff and reviewer David. Read on, and happy watching!

MILLIONS (2004; R)
Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle’s wise, thought-provoking tale about a 9-year-old British boy who happens into a bag of money and what he decides to do with it.


EDWARD SCISSORHANDS (1990; PG-13)Edward Scissorhands
Director Tim Burton’s enchanting 1990 offering features Johnny Depp as the goth-looking, scissor-handed man-boy of the title, befriended and then persecuted by a town’s residents.

Fred ClausFRED CLAUS (2007; PG)
Very amusing comedy starring Vince Vaughn as the bitter older brother of Nick (a.k.a. Santa) Claus, played by Paul Giamatti. If for any reason, see it for the scene in which a group of real-life brothers grouse about their more famous real-life siblings.

A CHRISTMAS STORY (1983; PG)A Christmas Story
One of my all-time favorite Christmas-themed movies, perfectly cast, gentle and hilarious, and so knowing of the time in which it’s set.

LassieLASSIE (2005; PG)
Updated tale about the infamously helpful Collie is perfect for the entire family.

Christmas at Plum Creek

The 15th episode of the first season of Little House On the Prairie, which aired on Christmas Day in 1974.

(2005; PG-13)
Ryan Reynolds plays a man who was heavy in high school, but has grown up to be handsome and successful. Whilst visiting his hometown during Christmas, he tries to win the heart of his high-school crush (Amy Smart). Seeing Reynolds perform in a fat suit is one of the pleasures of this underrated comedy.

THE THIN MAN (1934)The Thin Man
The first installment in the delightful six-film series of comedy-mysteries starring
William Powell and Myrna Loy as husband-and-wife-sleuths.

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