Misinformation and “Fake News”

BBC Fake news videoThe (almost) complete history of “fake news” . . . according to the BBC
“How did the term “fake news” evolve – and what’s next in the world of disinformation?” BBC

Watch a BBC short video on the subject for an interesting overview on the topic. Then read Bunk, by Kevin Young, about “fake news” throughout history, and how it affects us today.

Bunk“In this brilliant and timely work, Young asks what it means to live in a post-factual world of “truthiness” where everything is up for interpretation and everyone is subject to a pervasive cynicism that damages our ideas of reality, fact, and art.” Library catalog

Signature.com has this to say about Bunk: “Kevin Young, in his new book Bunk takes us on a ‘deep dive into sinister historical myths that are still repeated today. In this magisterial study, he offers research on ‘the rise of hoaxes, humbug, plagiarists, phonies, post-facts, and fake news’. ”  Signature

You might try the audiobook version, read by Mirron Willis, who “has the ability to vocally draw out the drama and tension of any scene or description, making the audiobook an exciting listen that will leave listeners more skeptical and critical about what they read and hear.” – Audiobook Review

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