Happy Valentine’s Day

illustration of many heartsHappy Valentine’s Day, that rascally holiday that is delightful or ridiculous, depending upon your point of view. Since we love you our customers so much, we have a Valentine’s gift for you, the perfect gift from your library – a story.

illustration of Curious George and the man in the yellow hatThis is a story about Curious George – you know, that impish little monkey who always acts out and gets the person who loves him most in the world in deep water.

Here’s what Smithsonian Magazine says in an article about George: “Practical, unflappable, loving, forgiving, patient—the Man in the Yellow Hat is who we would all like to be. Curious George is who we are. Well-meaning and disastrous, impulsive and forgetful, selfish and ingenious and in constant need of forgiveness.”

We offer you this gift this morning, “When Curious George Made a Daring Escape From the Nazis” and became the monkey we love. xo

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