Haiku…from us to you!

National Poetry Month just ended…but poetry lives on! Ever read the adorable children’s poetry of Jon J. Muth?  Check out all his work…!

Our staff was motivated to dream up some haikus on the themes of books, library work and summer…Enjoy!

If paradise is –
a kind of library then –
reverse is true too?

Infinite stories
Worlds live between the pages
We love what we do

Books are really great
Librarians are cool too
The library rocks

Is this the best place
a bookaholic to work?
I can’t stop reading!

Free books for kids!?
It’s a heckuva deal, right?
Read summer away!

Imagine Reading
Anything and Everything
What a Lucky Task

Reading in summer
Delightful and relaxing
Takes me worlds away

Patient, kind, and smart
Eager to help, resourceful
The Librarian

Po-ems are silly
We write them under duress
For you to enjoy

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