The World of the Independent Bookstore

Independent Bookstore“… Indie bookshops are outposts of idealism. And if they seem like the most romantic places in the city, it might be down to this – to the way their owners and customers (although “guests”, frankly, seems a more appropriate term) might all be engaged in the same project, a kind of sanctuary building in the unsheltered world. No one is getting rich from indie bookselling.”  The Guardian
Independent bookstores have a cherished place in the hearts of book lovers. And what better way to spend an afternoon than in a quiet, dark, dusty place crammed with unfound treasures masquerading as books!

The Guardian has provided a glimpse into 50 quirky NY indie booksellers, and shares a wonderful article that affords a peek into the eccentric world of independent bookstores and booksellers.

But we have our own great independent bookstores right here in Colorado – check them out! Best Indie Bookstores in Colorado

Finally, get reading recommendations from independent booksellers!

You can explore independent bookstores through the lens of fiction; join us in the bookstore books we’ve delighted in, and meet a cast of unusual and precious characters.

We may not be dark and dusty, but we too have our own cast of lovable eccentrics, and we too offer undiscovered treasures in our collection of books, articles, film, and music. Enjoy!

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