Dewey’s Nonfiction Number of the Month: 700

Dewey’s nonfiction number of the month is 700! Nonfiction books are great for finding factual information to use in school projects and/or personal research.

Make sure to stop by the Kid and Teen Zones to see all of our nonfiction books. You can also visit the Staff Picks – Kids & Teens Nonfiction list in the catalog to learn more about them and request copies! Here are some nonfiction books that you would find in the 700s.

Who and what is Dewey?  Melvil Dewey was a librarian that lived between 1851-1931. He was the creator of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), a system that most libraries use to organize nonfiction books.  All those numbers you see on the spine actually mean something! Each number of the DDC is assigned to different subjects.

-Contributed by Dominique, Youth Services Librarian

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