September Staff Picks

Each month we assemble a list of staff favorites; they can include books, DVDs, and even graphic novels. Take a look at the picks for this month and find some intriguing possibilities for your reading list. Thanks this month to Bernice, ShirleyO, Sherlene, and Ellen for an assortment of little gems. 

Find these and all staff picks in the library catalog!

Graphic Novel
  • Little Moments of Love by Catanda Chetwynd – This is both funny and sweet. The graphic novel is based on the author’s real relationship and while I may find the author humorously clingy on her husband, it is also romantic! – Sherlene
  • La La Land – When I watched “La La Land” the first time I was so bummed there wasn’t a happy ever after for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone that I didn’t appreciate the wonderful songs and dancing as much as I should have. I also didn’t consider the encouraging influence on each other that Ryan and Emma had despite the lack of an HEA. The jazz music wasn’t half bad either! As a lover of musicals I’ve added this one to my list of movies to recommend. – Sherlene
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