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Indie Next ListIndie Next List is a monthly list of recommendations from independent booksellers, brought to us by, a community of independent local bookstores.
ScribeNovember’s pick – Scribe by Alyson Carol Hagy

Indie Bound has this to say about the recommendation: “Scribe is a novel about dystopian Appalachia following the Civil War, a place ravaged by sickness and divvied up by the brute strength of men and their ability to defeat any invaders. If that doesn’t pique your interest, its main character is a complicated woman with a highly valued skill: the ability to write. In the wake of war and widespread fever, she sustains herself by creating paper and ink and writing the most heartbreakingly poetic letters to help others declare their triumphs and sins. After getting a special request from an unusual passerby, she finds herself in danger and must flee the once-beautiful but now brutal farmland she’s always called home. Scribe is as deeply imaginative as it is viscerally emotional, and Alyson Hagy’s ability to temper darkness with light makes it a spellbinding novel.”
— Morgan McComb, Raven Book Store, Lawrence, KS

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