Let’s Get Gifting!?!

Gifts, gifts, gifts, it’s already begun, the ads and exhortations to give, give, give.

More gift obligations than ideas and resources? Your library can help with both those dilemmas. Really.

Over the next few weeks we will feature readers’ gift ideas, some unexpected and some classic. Today we offer the Shelf Awareness recommendations for a few unique (maybe even quirky?) gift ideas. Keep watching us as we gather and give you the results of our research into great bookish gifts.

And as for the budget-minded, how about stopping by our Friends of the Library Holiday Sale of Fantastic Finds. Drop by during the week of December 1-9 and see what we have to offer. The sales are in both lobby areas, and feature many gift ideas; books, music and film, and small donated gift items.

Best of all, you give three times with one gift – once to your gift recipient (lucky them), once to your pocketbook (good for you), and once to your Library (super lucky for all of us)! Every dollar made at the sale goes directly to our programming needs. With Friends like that, who needs more? Buy a gift, be a friend – and be a Friend (of the Library).

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