November Writing Contest Entry: Isaac

This writing contest entry comes from Isaac! Check out the story below. If you would like to win prizes and be published on the Lafayette Public Library blog, then read all about our National Novel Writing Month Contest for kids and teens!


By Isaac

I was climbing up a mountain when a falcon swooped down and pecked my hand. It was a brown one with a sharp orange beak. My hand slipped of the rock and I fell down. When I fell down on the ground I felt the pain overcoming me. I was too hurt to move a muscle. When I finally stood up I came back home.  When I was inside I saw the falcon again swooping outside. I was angry at it for slipping me off the mountain, so I went outside and tried to shoo it away, but the falcon just pecked my hand again. But this time he landed on my hand. When he was on my hand I noticed it was pretty nice. After 1 year it was a well trained falcon. That is how I got my pet falcon.

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