Staff DVD Review: I heart Hearts Beat Loud

If you like movies about ordinary folks who want to sing–a la one of my favorites, 2016’s Sing Street–the low-key charms of Hearts Beat Loud, an irresistible little musical dramedy starring the always-welcome Nick Offerman, will be music to your ears.

Offerman plays Frank, a recent widower and indie-record-store owner in Brooklyn whose 17-year-old business has seen better days and whose bright teenage daughter (Dope‘s Kiersey Clemons) is set to leave for medical school. Their frequent jam sessions yields a song that causes them to rethink their lives ahead.

The poppy tunes and the sweet-and-smart Clemons will appeal to younger viewers, I think, while the leisurely pace instituted by director Brett Haley (whose previous efforts, I’ll See You in My Dreams and The Hero, were similarly unhurried) will appeal to an older, more patient audience.

Ted Danson steals his scenes in his small role as Frank’s easygoing bar-owner pal, while the prolific Toni Collette proves the perfect romantic (and age-appropriate!) interest for Frank. Offerman, as usual, is the reason to see the movie. Generally eschewing his patented deadpan delivery here, he creates a wonderfully genuine human being.

-Contributed by David S.

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