November Writing Contest Entry: Livie

This writing contest entry comes from Livie! Check out the story below. If you would like to win prizes and be published on the Lafayette Public Library blog, then read all about our National Novel Writing Month Contest for kids and teens!


Dedicated to Cora Cox

“Bye mom” said Lily as she walked out the door, she was on her to school. Lily was in 7th grade. When she got on the bus her best friend Ava was already there, Lily sat next to her. “Hello Lily “said Ava.

Soon Lily got to school. They sat down at their desks as usual, Lily sat down next to Ava. They tried not to sit next to the mean girls Kaya and Sky. They did their studies on space, Kaya and Sky bragging about their work and answering all the questions. Then it was music and Kaya and Sky were again bragging about their loud and booming basses. “I think the violin is too squeaky, and the cello is just plain weird”. All the subjects were like this, just bragging, bragging, bragging.

At recess Lily and Ava played with some other friends named Abby and Cleo. Lily found a rock that was rainbow, but not quite. On the rock Lily saw the colors blue, red and green. Lily had never seen such a pretty rock. She knelt down to pick up the rock, but no sooner had Lily touched the rock, it became DUST! And it flooded the whole school.

Lily knew she had to do something. And worst of all she had lost Ava. Lily dove into the dust, she did not know why, but it felt right. When she was about 3 quarters from the bottom, the dust began to glow. As Lily swam further into the dust, the light grew brighter until she came to the golden key. Lily picked it up and swam north.

Lily reached out her hand and felt a wall. She felt some more and there was a door handle. She cleared away the dust, and shone the key on the wall, and just as Lily expected there was a door. The key looked the right size for the key hole. Lily put the key in the key hole. She turned the key and the door opened! All the dust poured out. It took over the parking lot, dust washed over all the cars of moms’ and dads’ that had come to pick up their kids. The dust flooded the streets for 2 miles and it took everyone within two miles with it.

Lily was sad that the dust was taking over everything, she had hoped that the dust would just melt into the ground. Now she knew this was very weird, but to Lily’s surprise, at school the next all the dust was gone! She saw Ava. But best of all she saw that everyone was safe.


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