November Writing Contest Entries: Griffin

These writing contest entries come from Griffin! Check out the stories below. If you would like to win prizes and be published on the Lafayette Public Library blog, then read all about our National Novel Writing Month Contest for kids and teens!

Story 1:

By Griffin

I was running. I could feel my heart thumping in me. It was like a drum. The pounding would never stop. My breathing was fast. My lungs felt as if they were about to explode. I wanted to stop, but I knew that, if I stopped it would be the end. I concentrated on putting one step in front of the other. I looked around. Nothing but field everywhere. Nowhere to hide. I kept running. No one to witness anything. I risked a look behind me. It was a risky move. It slowed me down, and increased my chances of tripping or falling. Nobody was directly behind me. I felt a sense of relief, but I knew I couldn’t stop. My pursuer wouldn’t stop, so they would catch me almost immediately. As I turned the bend, I could see my enemy moving closer. He was gaining. I could see all of his minions behind him. If he caught up to me, it would be the end of the road. I wanted to scream, but my mouth was using all its energy on keeping the air flowing. I saw my destination, but I wasn’t there yet. If I got there before he caught up to me, I would be safe. I risked another glance behind me, he was even closer. I thought about throwing dirt in his eyes, or tripping him, but I am honorable. I would not play dirty. Also, his minions would destroy me. I began taking longer steps. I would arrive even if it was the last thing I did. I began seeing people behind the border. They would give me water. I needed water. This gave me the burst of speed I needed. Feeling my pursuers breath hot on my neck, I rocketed through the border. Everybody cheered. I ran for the nearest building. Once I had gathered all the water I could handle, I went back outside. Michael was standing by the door. “You beat me this time, but trust me, it won’t happen again.” He took out a five dollar bill, and handed it to me. That felt good, but I was just happy that I kept my reputation. Then the bell rang, and we all headed inside. I felt good, but I knew a rematch would come soon.

Story 2:

By Griffin

The battle was intense. Every part of my body was being used to its max. My forehead was covered in sweat. All my concentration was on attacking and defending. The air was filled with the sounds of steel against steel. The clanging rang in my ears. But I could not concentrate on that. I concentrated on my rhythm. Strike, block, parry, dodge, shield. I occasionally glanced at my opponent for weakness, but we were matched enemies, and he knew well to cover up all of his weak spots. I was slowing down. My entire body ached. At this rate, I would be defeated. I began to see red. I was very, very, tired. I dodged a swing to the feet. I could hear the noise around us. The crowds cheering for us. If I got out of this alive, I would never insult someone’s honor again. I looked again for weaknesses. He was slowing down too, but not as fast as me. He attacked with his sword, but it went wide. That left his feet open. I swung low, using the flat of the blade. It hit his leg armor with an enormous sound. It had not hurt him badly, but it was strong. He wobbled a bit, and I seized the opportunity. Holding my shield in front of me, I charged. Still off balance, he tried to block with his shield, but it was not fast enough. With all my weight I rammed him. He fell down, with me on top of him. I stood up, and pointed my sword at his neck. “ Thou are vanquished!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. The king stepped forward, and pronounced me the winner. I bowed, and left to take off my armor. I had to practice. Next time, I would not get so lucky.

Story 3:

By Griffin

Everything was in ruins. Everywhere you looked, you saw misery and screaming. Smoke filled the air. The sounds of sirens were everywhere. And me? I was enjoying every last bit of it. My minions were destroying the pitiful city. Earth was no match for me. Destruction was extreme. The humans had put together a defense force. I laughed. It was tiny! As if they could stop me! This race was just pitiful. I was surprised it had survived this long. It was so divided, that no other race had thought it worthy to conquer. But I conquered everything. This would be no match for me. I had defeated much worse than this. I looked at them. They were using tanks. Tanks! Tanks are ancient. Our race had developed much better weapons than this. This race was living like people from thousands of years ago. I laughed. A maniacal one, to put fear in their hearts. I wanted them to surrender. Of course they didn’t. The planets never did. The inhabitants always had hope. But hope never helps you in a fight. Strength does. And strength I have, unlike other creatures like these. They rely on technology. But technology does not help you in a life or death struggle. I looked again. These humans feared me. That much was clear. I decided to give them one more chance to surrender. After that, it was over. I shouted my question. It boomed through the city. Eventually, one of the larger humans stepped up and responded. The word “Never!” was heard loud and clear. I grinned. Now came the fun part. I walked forward, and punched a tank. It exploded in a fiery ball, the driver inside screaming. These humans did not protect their fuel sources. Of course, I doubt they ever expected to face an opponent who could punch through iron. One person passed out. This was a weak species, with barely any courage. They deserved to be eliminated. I destroyed the rest of the tanks with ease, knowing their weak spots. I quickly took the other cities and countries. As I left, I still felt energized. One more planet conquered. Millions more to go.

Story 4:

By Griffin

It was complete mayhem. A full out war. You could see the people in their forts launching barrage after barrage of pure damage. Everyone was looking for cover. I was running to the top of the hill with my friend, Leo. When we got to the top, we discovered an amazing place. A enormous fortress. Bricks forming multiple layers of strength. It was incredible. Leo peeked inside, then motioned to me to come in. I looked around. There were discarded tools laying on the floor. A mountain of ammo laid piled in a corner. I saw the ultimate weapon on the ground. Obviously, they had left under great duress, perhaps an extremely severe attack. I looked closer. I could see the exploded remains of a couple of attacks. Then I saw the liquid. It was splattered on the ground. I started feeling worried. Then Leo motioned me over. He opened a secret compartment in the wall. I saw supplies and food stocked up.  If you had the right strategy here, you could be unstoppable. I thought for a bit. I was wondering about something that had been bothering me. It made sense that some enemies of the people who were here had forced them to vacate. But there was a lot of things still here. If this had been captured, then wouldn’t the enemies have stayed here, or at least taken all the things? Then I realized there plan. I tried to warn Leo, but it was to late. He had been counting the ammunition that was left, when suddenly, we heard a war cry, and a barrage slammed against the fort. I had a bit of cover, but Leo was in an easy to hit spot. Leo got completely pelted. I pulled him out, barely alive. We both got under cover while Leo recovered. I started firing away at the enemy. I looked at them. It looked to be only three people at first glance, but then I saw the movement behind the bushes and thought of how many could be there. They had tricked us, but we still had this fort. That was worth something. I made a desperate dash for the weapon on the floor, but got hit. After two more tries, I had it. I looked at Leo, he seemed better, and he was firing but he was slow, and few hit their mark. I rummaged in the supplies and passed him something that would help. He took it, and seemed much better. They were getting closer. I could now clearly see around ten people advancing. They had strength in numbers. And then, out of nowhere, they were hit.  Startled, our enemies fled. A group of people entered through the door. After me and Leo recovered we joined forces with them. After a few days, the snow melted. I couldn’t wait for the next big snowfall to come around.

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