November Writing Contest Entry: Emma

Even though we are no longer taking submissions, you can still read all about our National Novel Writing Month Contest for grades K-12. Stay tuned: we will be announcing winners in the coming week!

Ship Wrecked

By Emma

As I sit here petting my dog Layla watching dolphins jump and play I wonder, how was this island found? My family is taking a 2 week cruise to deserted island to have explore for a little bit we are already 6 days in. We won this cruise while we where at a pool party so we signed up and won so we are here along with about 45 others. “hey Skyler do you know where my swim suit is ?.. Wait found it” my little brother Connor says. He is 8. He is super annoying. I’m 4 years older so I have a hard time playing with him because all he ever wants to do is play fortnight. “wait I found it “he says and go back in to the cabin grab my phone and check the Time.“uh mom should we go to bed its 9:30. “yes “I go grab my brother about to dive into the pool and say “its time for bed.” He gives an angry face and dives in anyway. I yell at him he them goes to sleep ,so do I. “honk honk” I hear as I wake up I spring up out of bed and say “where here!” I get into my swim suit and dive of the boat and swim the 3 feet to the island. Layla doggie padres after me. The captain announces.“ meet backer in 10 hours.” So Layla and I go exploring through caves the beach and we even find a coconut and I give her some of the water because she was thirsty. I get on to my phone (its still wet) I play my music and I wander around .later I check my phone a notice that it has been 11 hours! I run back to the beach and the boat is gone! I run to Layla ands jumps into my arms knowing that I’m sad. But I know that my mom and dad would want me to stay calm build a campfire a stay the night until some one finds me. so I Did. I also went fishing for some food I ought some fish and killed them with items I found on the beach. Then I realize that I have my phone and I can try calling for help. Bu very time I try it cant come through because it is a deserted island. I have been here for 6 days in one more day may family will realize I’m still on this stupid island .many days have passed and I haven’t been found and I’m living of f of fish and coconuts. I have been stuck here for 10 days and my parents haven’t found me and I feel unwanted ,lost ,and just lonely I start 8th grade soon and it feels like my parents only care about my brother. That night I see lights approaching and I think it’s my parents but it’s not but the people return me sadly to them and Layla of corse. when I get home we have a big feast and Layla ate a coconut. (hehe)

The end

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