November Writing Contest Entry: Sanjana

Even though we are no longer taking submissions, you can still read all about our National Novel Writing Month Contest for grades K-12. Stay tuned: we will be announcing winners in the coming week!

The Fairy Journey

By Sanju.H.B


Once upon a time there was fairy village. In that Fairy village there was a fairy. Her name was Violet. She had a younger sister, brother, Mom and Dad. Violets brothers name was Will her sisters was Lia her moms was Hana and her dads was Tim. She started school when she was 4 years old. When she was in 2nd Grade she met Lana.

Violet was 7 and Lana was 9.  “Lana’s  going to Candyland” said her mother.” “cool”!!!!!!!!! said violet.  “Can I go too”?, asked violet. ”No fair”said violet’s brother and sister.  “I’ll ask” said their mother.

“Are they going today”? Asked violet. ”Yes” said their mom. ”We better get packing”said violet  “ i’ll  make  a   list”   ”okay we need”(a tent, water and snacks) said Violet go in the car now that we are done packing said her mom.  Let me search the Directions said there mom okay were on are way said there mom. How many hours till we get there asked violet. In 2 hours. When they got there they saw 3 gummy bear deers. Violets brother said  “can I pet one”? Violet said “NO Will there wild animals”. “Everyone get down we are there “said there mom.Violets mom called lana’s mom.”lana and her family are a little further ahead so everyone hop back in”. And violets mom drove a little bit further.And about 20 to 30 min they saw lana and her family there was 4 people in Lana’s family.There was her,her brother,her mom,and dad.They had already set up camp.Violets family all ran out to meet their friends.Lana’s mom said “Hi hana how are you doing?”.”We are doing good how are you?”Said Violets mom.”We are also good”.said Lana’s mom.After a few Min.They set up camp. Then when the grownups started to cook Lana and Violet decided to explore the woods.And so they started by the west part of the woods and when they got a little bit in Lana said.”Maybe we should go back I don’t like the looks of this place and so they started to walk back but they couldn’t find the way back.Lana said “Oh wait I might have my IPhone still.Oh no it’s not there maybe I dropped it oh there it is.”When they saw her iphone and Lana quickly picked it up but the problem was that it didn’t have internet.

“Just great” said lana.”Oh wait I might still have a compose”. And so Violet looked in her pocket and found her compest.She held it in front of her and saw that they were in the north.”How are we in the north and we started  in the west”, asked Lana.  Luckily they had brought sleeping bags so they decided to camp there for the night.  In the morning the first sound they heard was “Are you awake”?  When they opened their  eyes they saw a person and she said “Are you awake?”  ”Who are you” said Lana. “I am Cordelia I am a candy fairy.  Do you need some help?”  ”Oh we’re fine.  But there’s one thing you could help us with – we need you to help us get back our families,”  said Lana.  “Oh sure.  Follow me.  But on one condition.  Which part of the forest are they in? ” said Cordelia.  “Oh I know they’re in the West”, said Lana.  ”Okay follow me”  said Cordelia.  And so they followed her.  In pobaly 10 to twenty min. They were there.” THanks so much”. Said Violet and Lana together “No problem”.Said Cordelia.”Hey why not have lunch with us you’re also hungry probably.” “Sure”.

The End


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