November Writing Contest Entry: Ahron H

Even though we are no longer taking submissions, you can still read all about our National Novel Writing Month Contest for grades K-12. Stay tuned: we will be announcing winners in the coming week!

The Lego Pirate Story

By Ahron H

Chapter 1                                                                                                                               Once upon a time in a Lego town, full of the meanest pirates you ever did see….

They had swords of gold, treasure chests, and pistols as scary as a lion (which there were no lions in town)! The captain of the pirates was named Jaden Death. He was the meanest and scariest of all pirates! The only thing he was scared of was flowers! They were the scariest thing to him. So when the town became so full of flowers the pirates set off on a quest – but evil lurks on shore, on water, and under water!

“ Land ho!” Shouted a pirate, his name was Duck, cause he always ducked. The pirates got to shore but there were other pirates there. Lego Pirates vs Lego Pirates! They fought. It was gruesome I tell you! It was scary! Now, all of the bad Lego pirates died and so the Lego pirates headed back to town. On the way they got shipwrecked. They all died, except for one, The Captain. He made the island his home. He hunted for his food. He fought off cannibals, sang songs, ate delicious foods and he always was aware of any passing ship.

When the captain got back to his cave there was someone in there, It was his second in command! He was glad to see another Lego person and he showed him the island in the morning and they saw a ship! But it wasn’t a ship. It was a boat. A cannibal’s boat!

The cannibals had two Lego people from the pirate’s town. They were about to kill one, but the Captain shot the cannibal and the others ran away. However, this is not the end of the story – there is more – yes, there is more to the next chapter!

Chapter 2

Now the cannibals returned for Jaden The Captain. He had never been in so much fear! He was ready for them, but he had no fortress. Jaden had an idea, he read Robinson Crusoe and so he made a fortress. And now the cannibals had come. He had been ready for a year (and a half ) he was ready to fight! He blew up a hundred cannibals with gun powder and killed twenty more with his gun and then they killed the rest – four vs five-hundred! They defeated the cannibals and left the island with one of the cannibal’s boats. The next time they went back to that island was never! He remembered the island but it was in the past. The End. Wait!…no, not The End….The Captain and the crew, well kind of the crew, sailed back home.

The pirates where awesome. The Captain learned manners and sang more songs. He was the most polite pirate you ever did meet!

The End

P.S. He wasn’t scared of flowers anymore.

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