Lafayette Reads! – The Newcomers

Lafayette ReadsHave you read the next book selection for Lafayette READS yet?

Our upcoming choice is The Newcomers by Helen Thorpe, a powerful and moving account of how refugee teenagers at a public high school learn English and become Americans, in the care of a compassionate teacher. Read the book, and join the discussion on March 18, 6 pm at Lafayette Public Library.

Buzz about the book, and the Denver students at the heart of it:

Be a part of Lafayette READS!

Lafayette READS! is a quarterly reading and discussion group, where we select and read books together that are  are well written as  well as relevant to issues in our community and in the wider world. We gather to discuss the book, and learn much about ourselves and our neighbors through these discussions.

Learn about each book selection, find discussion questions, and join our email list on our website,


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