Staff Picks for February

It’s still winter – dark and chilly, the perfect time for coffees, teas, and books. And we have a whole list of current favorites this month, thanks to our ever-reading staff.

Take a sip- like the best warming drinks, they pull you in with deliciousness. Everything is available in our catalog – so enjoy!

Shirley O. is loving . . .

Kate M. is immersed in fantasies!

Katie F. found this intriguing
The Spy and the Traitor by Ben Macintyre

Sherlene has something to say about her recommendations!

  • Book Love by Debbie Tung
    “A sweet graphic novel for book lovers. For bookaholics everywhere; it reveals all the ways people overuse books and the places they find them. It has a charming heroine who shares her book obsession with us.”
  • Now & Again: Go-to recipes, inspired menus and endless ideas for reinventing leftovers by Julia Turshen
    “This is a great cookbook because it not only has recipes clustered together to make meals, but also gives ideas for transforming the leftovers into other dishes. If you get tired of eating the same meal multiple times (and not just after Thanksgiving with turkey), Now & Again will help you get creative with re-using the main dish as well as salads and vegetables.”
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