The Story of the Selkies

“The legend of the Selkie is told along the Western coast of Scotland and as far down as Ireland. Selkies are seals in the water, but once on land, they take off their skins and become human. If an ordinary mortal sees a Selkie in human form, they will inevitably fall in love. The Selkie legend has several variations but never ends happily.”
Elisabeth Gifford blog

Intrigued? We have a list of selkie books to feed your curiosity, compliments of Patty F., librarian.

The Turning by Emily Whitman
If you ever wondered about selkies, what it’s like to be a selkie, or what a selkie is (seal in water, human on land), this 2018 book is a great story set in modern times about a selkie boy who has not yet changed into a seal and can’t always join the rest of his clan. Recommended for upper elementary, tweens, teens and anyone who is interested in folklore.

Want to read more selkie books? We have a list! Check it out, and enjoy this excursion into legend and myth.

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