Hip Hip Hooray for ReferenceUSA!

Here’s something to celebrate: You now have free access to ReferenceUSA with your Lafayette Library card! ReferenceUSA is a powerful research tool which provides access to several useful databases, including:

  • U.S. Businesses
  • U.S. Standard White Pages
  • U.S. Jobs / Internships
  • U.S. Healthcare
  • U.S. Historical Businesses
  • Canadian Businesses
  • Canadian White Pages
  • U.S. Consumers / Lifestyles
  • U.S. New Movers / Homeowners

Business listings include contact information, employee size range, branches and subsidiaries, estimated sales volume, SIC codes, estimated expenses, and credit ratings. This particular tool could be useful to local business owners or entrepreneurs conducting research on similar establishments in their area.

Search hundreds of thousands of doctors and dentists in the Healthcare database, or use the Jobs / Internships database to find your next job.

Find people or residential addresses in the Standard White Pages, which holds household information for over 158 million U.S. residents.

To get started with ReferenceUSA:

  1. Navigate to the Library’s Resources A-Z page and choose ReferenceUSA.
  2. Click on one of the databases in the new page that opens.

In each database, there are options for a “Quick Search” or an “Advanced Search”. The former is helpful for searching a specific business or person. The latter is a useful tool for generating lists, or for narrowing your search when you are unsure of a specific name.

ReferenceUSA also offers an option to export data to an Excel spreadsheet, which can be saved for future reference.

-Contributed by Cailín, Adult Services Librarian

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