Summertime – and the Reading is Easy . . .

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Our 2019 summer reading program begins June 1, and continues through July 31, with all sorts of reading incentives, events, and activities to keep our community reading and learning throughout the summer.
But have you ever wondered how summer reading programs got started, and what their value might be? Read on for a short history, reasons why parents might want their kids participate in a summer reading program, and what we offer right here at the Lafayette Public Library.

The History of Summer Reading

“Summer reading programs began in the 1890s as a way to encourage school children, particularly those in urban areas and not needed for farm work, to read during their summer vacation, use the library and develop the habit of reading.” – American Library Association

The Benefits of Summer Reading Programs

We found this list of summer reading benefits at the Scholar Within website:

“Overall, summer reading programs really do improve kids’ reading skills and increase their desire to read. Additionally, according to the School Library Journal, those who participate not only mitigate any summer learning loss, but they even show gains. Most kids develop an interest in reading, improve their comprehension, and further develop their memory skills.”

At YOUR Library this Summer

This summer we offer lots of free fun and activities, and chances to read for prizes and reading pleasure.

Read, read, read! Our summer reading program keep kids reading while they’re not in school, and we give them a goal (and prizes) for their efforts. Register right here!

Be entertained! This summer we feature outdoor concerts and hikes, as well as storytimes and special programs for all ages. Check out our library calendar for a wide assortment of opportunities for fun.

Find a book bargain! Drop by our Friends of the Library used book sale and bookstore for great finds on good reads. The Friends organize donations, old books, and bestsellers that are no longer in high demand and have a book sale, right in the lobby. Stop by June 22-30 and pick up some great reads at a fraction of the retail price. Besides bagging some amazing deals on used books, you will also be supporting the library. Your money goes toward funding programs and future book purchases.

Activities This summer take advantage of opportunities for learning for all ages; attend storytimes, meet local authors, start a business, or give your child something to do on a hot afternoon.  Check out a museum pass to beat the heat for free,  explore state parks with a library pass, learn about genealogy or computers, or practice a second language.

Free Materials Of course we offer an amazing selection of books, but we also lend music, movies, magazines, and audiobooks, and provide access to subscription-based websites and databases. The best part? It’s all free – all you need is your library card, and that’s free, too. This is just a brief snapshot of all we offer this summer. Checkout our website and our To Do at the Library webpage, and stay up to date by visiting often. See ya at the library this summer!

The Benefits of Summer Reading Scholar Within
Reasons to Visit the Library This Summer by Dena McMurdie

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