Staff Picks for August – Still Summer; Still Reading!

Summer reads are always intriguing and alluring, beckoning us with visions of cool shade, cold, refreshing drinks, and stories (both true and made-up) that let us peek into other lives. Here’s our own list of summer reads, as well as a bonus – the Boston Globe’s summer reading list. Grab a chair, a drink, and a book – you’re set for another month of summer!

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Ellen L.

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David S.

  • The Kid – DVD. The Kid is a new and interesting angle on Pat Garrett’s (Ethan Hawke) pursuit and capture of Billy the Kid (DiCaprio look-alike Dane DeHaan), in which a brother and sister cross paths with the legendary figures. It’s a capable, solid directorial debut by actor Vincent D’Onofrio, who casts Chris Pratt in a supporting role as a terrifically despicable character.
  • Mega Time Squad – DVD. Just when it seemed filmmakers had run out of interesting time-travel stories, we get this fun ‘n’ fresh, low-budget, take on the sub-genre from–of all places–New Zealand. It’s clever, creative, and quite funny.

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