Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read: Not Just For One Week a Year

Banned BooksThis year September 22-28 is Banned Books Week! Each year the library community celebrates the freedom to read, and reminds us of our right to seek out, express, and share ideas, even those that may be unorthodox or unpopular.  This week we showcase banned books – many of them familiar classics or modern favorites – that have been challenged or banned because of the ideas they contain, and we reaffirm our commitment to fighting censorship. Every week, libraries and schools in America face challenges to books on their shelves.  In some cases, challenged materials are removed or reclassified.  But we believe that it is our responsibility as citizens and librarians to raise awareness of censorship and to resist attempts to suppress the free flow of ideas and information.

We are committed to free access of information for all ages, and we protect the privacy and confidentiality of readers’ data and records.  It is in the interest of democracy to ensure that ideas flow freely, and that protections are in place to enable all readers to read and explore without the threat of intimidation or loss of privacy. At the library, protecting these freedoms doesn’t happen just once a year.  Every week is Banned Books Week!

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