Three Real Originals in a Year of Sequels and Remakes

Thanks to our staff film buff and critic, David for his insightful observations on some recent films. Enjoy a good night in, with David’s recommendations!

Fast Color

A beautiful and inspiring entry in the super-powers genre, in which three generations of women (Lorraine Toussaint, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Saniyya Sidney) all possess special abilities. Like 2016’s also-excellent Midnight Special, which also featured a person with abilities evading government baddies, it refreshingly focuses more on the people than special effects (though there are effects, and they are cool and creative).

The Souvenir

The latest from British director Joanna Hogg is a beautifully written and directed effort about a young film school student (Honor Swinton Byrne) who endures a toxic relationship with a charismatic addict (Tom Burke). A slow-burn of a film, to be sure, but stick with it. Great, unflashy work from Byrne and Burke, and typically excellent work from Tilda Swinton (Byrne’s real-life mum!) as Byrne’s on-screen mother.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

A real gem, this semi-autobiographical drama set in the City by the Bay, about a young black man (Jimmie Fails) who moves back into his just-vacated childhood home with his best friend (Jonathan Majors). The directorial debut of Joe Talbot (he also co-wrote the film), who imbues the goings-on with not only a real sense of place, but what I would best describe as a magical melancholy. Great all around, from the writing and acting, to the soundtrack and beautiful cinematography.

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