Dads, Kids, and Books

Cover of Monster at the End of This BookHey Dads, your little guys really love to read with you! Our friends at Brightly have shared favorite books from eight dads, and so we share them here with you, along with their library catalog links.

Or, you could make a holiday gift of one or more of these books, and a reading “date card” to put on your family calendar. Just sayin’ . . .
Read on for the dad recommendations at Brightly.“Few things in life make my heart go all aflutter like the sight of my husband curled up on the couch reading to one of our daughters. The snuggles, the reading voice, the attentiveness — I just know that I’m witnessing a cherished memory being made, and it feels like magic.
We asked eight dads to talk about their favorite picture book to read to their kids.” Jennifer Garry, at Brightly

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Source: 8 Dads on the Picture Books They Love Reading to Their Kids | Brightly

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