Why I am Thankful for Libraries!

Today, on this day of gratitude,  enjoy the thoughts and art of Gemma Correl as she muses on the gifts of things libraryish. “Libraries have always been a sanctuary for me. Here are 9 reasons I love them so much . . .  Librarians, with their infinite knowledge, sometimes feel magical.”

She continues, “I read so many books that buying them all is not really feasible (although I still buy a lot of them). For the two to six weeks that I hold a library book in my hands, it’s mine.
I like thinking about how many other people have held the same book in their hands. Sometimes I find physical evidence — a bookmark, or a scrap of paper left behind. Libraries and books and comics remind me that there are good things left in the world.”  Gemma Correll, writing in The Lily, a product of The Washington Post

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