December Staff Picks

December – the last of our 2019 reading gifts for you, dear readers. We enjoy sharing our favorite movies, books and music, and hope you have found our recommendations intriguing. You can find all of our picks in our catalog! Please join us again in 2020 for more reading, listening, and viewing fun.

Katie F.
Kelli O.
Patron Pick from Gail
Angelique V.
David S. – Books!

David, our esteemed film finder and critic, has turned his eye to books, and we are excited to include his recommendations.

David S. –  and now, Film!
  • Little Woods
    Tessa Thompson’s terrific in this superb, North Dakota-set indie drama as a woman recently released from jail who tries not to slip back into her old ways while helping her adopted sister (Lily James) through a wrenching situation. Top-notch work from Thompson (Sorry to Bother You) and James. Reminiscent of the equally terrific Frozen River.
  • The Man who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot
    While not quite as pulpy-fun as its title might suggest, this one’s worth watching for Sam Elliott alone, as a man who, while reflecting on his life–including assassinating said historical figure–gets asked to take out the hairy, mythological forest dweller. Ron Livingston and the prolific Larry Miller both make nice impressions in their supporting roles.
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