January Staff Picks

Hello, 2020! Hope you enjoyed all of our staff recommendations in 2019, and are ready for what we have found to keep us steady and sane these days. Onward!

Shirley O





  • The Borden Murders by Sarah Miller
    Teen Nonfiction. Sarah Miller gives an even-handed portrait of Lizzie Borden in The Borden Murders and uses newspaper accounts and trial testimony to show evidence on both sides. She writes both interestingly and compellingly of before the crime, during the trial, and later in Lizzie’s life.
  • In Hoffa’s Shadow by Jack Goldsmith
    In Hoffa’s Shadow tells the fascinating story of the man accused of driving Jimmy Hoffa to his death named Chuckie O’Brien. Chuckie is author Jack Goldsmith’s stepfather and they have a very complicated relationship. Jack researched the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance very thoroughly by looking at the FBI files, talking to investigators as well as his stepfather, and comes up with a theory of who did it and why. He writes both interestingly and colorfully about how the men at the center of the story really talked!
  • The Care and Management of Lies by Jacqueline Winspear
  • Hollywood Black by Donald Bogle
    The Little-known history of African-Americans in film and television. Donald Bogle writes interestingly of the silent era and short films through the present day with “Black Panther.” He thoroughly covers African-American actors, writers, and directors and has rare photos, including publicity stills from obscure movies.
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