10 Things to Help Teens be Successful at Home Learning

Check out these 10 things you can do to be successful at home learning and this special message from our Teen Services Librarian Renee!

For many of you, tomorrow, Monday, March 30th, will begin your first experience at home learning. After two weeks of spring break (my family is calling it Winter Break 2.0), starting school Monday may seem daunting. To make things even more challenging, you will be attending class from your bedroom, or home office, or in the case of my family, the dinning room table. As awesome as WFH (working form home) may seem (yes you can stay in your PJs!), it can be challenging as well.  Here are some helpful tips to making home learning successful. 


  1. Go to bed! Chances are you have fallen out of your usual bed time routine.  Most home learning schedules start later than the usual school schedule, but you should still plan on getting a full night sleep.  A rested brain is a happy brain!
  2. Stick to a routine and schedule! Start your day as you usually would for school.  Yes you can stay in your Pj’s, but get up with time to eat, brush your teeth, and move around.  Get that blood pumping! If you are usually up and awake for an hour before school, stick to that routine.
  3. Find a quiet place free of distractions.  Can you focus in your bedroom or are there too many distractions?
  4. Turn off your phones and other distractions. If you would normally have to put phones away during class, that goes for home learning as well. And while Spotify and DragonVale are both amazing, save it for after class.
  5. Be prepared! Make sure your Chromebook or other devices are fully charged if necessary and have your power chord handy.  Keep other materials (paper, pens, notebooks, etc) handy as well.
  6. Get up and move!  Remember, if you were in school you would have passing periods.  In-between your classes, get up. One of the greatest things about WFH, is you can go outside and get fresh air.  Studies have shown just 15 minutes outside can make you happier ( Check this article out: How Just 15 Minutes in Nature Can Make You Happier). So get up, move, and be happy!
  7. Eat!  Even though you may not feel hungry, your brain is!  Have a good breakfast and lunch. Your brain will thank you.
  8. Ask for help!  Chat or email with your teachers if you need help.  If you need help with a project, check out the Lafayette Library’s online resources.
  9. Get some exercise!  Maybe you are missing your regular PE class or a spring sport. Every part of your body works better with exercise, including you brain (check out this article on the benefits of physical exercise). Even though we are under a Stay at Home order, you can still go for a walk, run, hike, bike ride, play catch with a family member, etc.
  10. Stay social (virtually)!  Socialize with your friends via chat rooms, or FaceTime, or gaming sights.  There is an abundance of opportunities to virtually hang out with your friends.  School and school work are important, but so is your social life.
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