Nature Discovery with Renée! Hint: Turdus Migratorius

Welcome to our Nature Discovery Blog, where each week Librarian Renée will feature new animals that live in our neighborhoods.

Spring is here! It is that time of year when we have sunshine and warm temperatures one day, snow the next. You are tempted to put away the heavy coats, but if you are smart, you will hold off until summer! I love the warmer, longer days and the subtle changes that happen all around. The greening of the grass, buds on the trees, and new sounds coming from the trees. I think it is now time for a Spring adventure or two or three! Today’s blog will feature outdoor adventures suitable for one, but every adventure is better when it’s shared!

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Adventure 1:

Shhh. Did you hear that? Now go outside and just close your eyes. Be still for a few moments and just listen. Using your fingers, count the different sounds you hear. Really just focus on what you hear. It’s amazing when you shut out everything else just how many different nature sounds you can hear. Especially now with fewer cars on the road! If you did this with a family member or a virtual friend, compare what you heard. Yesterday in a span of just a couple of moments I heard Robins, Chickadees, a Woodpecker, and a Flicker. The world is coming alive!

Adventure 2:

Let’s get down to business! This adventure is perfect for a backyard and a lot of fun with two or more. Just what IS up with the squirrels, rabbits and birds?? Just like the grass and trees that are sprouting and sending out new life, our neighborhood animals are getting ready for new life too! It’s baby season. They are busy gathering supplies for their nests and food for themselves and their offspring.

Make a game of gathering supplies. See how fast you can gather a pile of leaves and twigs and other stuffing to make the perfect nest. You can make the game more interesting and challenging by adding obstacles. Have someone pretend to be a dog that gets in the way of a busy squirrel or the hawk interrupting the foraging prairie dog.

Adventure 3:

I spy with my little eye! Now let’s go for a walk with a family member or virtual friend. Take turns spotting different colors. You could spend hours just spotting green! In my neighborhood, I have seen green, purple, red, and yellow. Just to name a few! What do you see?


When you are ready to take these activities outside your neighborhood, be sure to bring along this ebook to find all the best trails! Boulder Hiking Trails: The Best of the Plains, Foothills and Mountains by Ruth Carol Cushman!

Until next week, go have an adventure!

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