Writing Contest Entry: Happy Birthday by Virginia Anne

Check out this short story from Virginia Anne! All April long submit your short stories for a chance to be featured on the Library’s blog!

Happy Birthday

By Virginia Anne

“When will they get here?” Bella said to her mom. It was her fifthteenth birthday and her mom had agreed that Bella and five friends could spend the night and a hotel and go to the mall. She was practically floating with excitement while she waited for her friends to arrive “five minutes”, her mom replied. Bella looked at herself in the mirror to make sure her brown hair and light pink dress were perfect for the birthday she had waited months for. “Bella”, her mom called to her, “Their here sweetheart”. She ran to the door and screamed with excitement, ”You’re here!”, She gave them all hugs and they figured out who was going to sleep in which bed.

First they went to the mall and definitely shopped till they dropped, dinner was delicious but the real party was just getting started. When they got back to the hotel they put on their bikinis and headed for the pool. The pool was giant and warm, with a super tall slide. Two hours later they decided to head back to the hotel room to shower and clean up. After they were all showered they piled into one bed to watch a movie before going to bed. Halfway through the movie Chloe, Bella’s best friend said that she would go and get some snacks and to keep the movie going while she was gone.

After she was gone for twenty minutes the girls started to get worried, “I’ll call her and see where she is.” said Bella. Each of the girls tried calling Chloe several times but it just went to voicemail, ”Yikes, I hope she’s ok.”, said Audrey, Bella’s cousin, “We should probably go look for her.”, “Yeah I think we should, let’s split up and meet back here in a hour.”, Bella agreed. One hour later she was the only one who came back to the hotel room, two and a half hours later she was still the only one left. She spent the rest of the night on the phone with her mom and wandering around the hotel by herself. In the morning when her mom came to the hotel she found the room empty. Never have your birthday party on Friday the thirteenth.

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