Writing Contest Entry: The Adventures Of Yellowie, The Yellow-Rumped Leaf-Eared Mouse

Check out this short story from Caitlin! All April long submit your short stories for a chance to be featured on the Library’s blog!

The Adventures Of Yellowie,

The Yellow-Rumped Leaf-Eared Mouse

Have you ever wondered how the yellow-rumped leaf-eared mouse got a yellow rump and leaf ears? If so, this is the story! (A partly true story)

Last summer, Yellowie wasn’t yellow. He also did not have leaf-shaped ears. He was a regular mouse, brown in color and indeed very fast.

One day, Yellowie was looking for a delicious fruit when he saw an Andean bear. The bear was running toward him! Yellowie started to run up the mountain. Yellowie ran and ran and ran. Yellowie accidentally ran into a yellow fruit and came out with his rump yellow.

Finally, the bear ran away, but only to alert an Andean fox that there was a mouse about the mountain that needed to be eaten! The Andean fox ran after Yellowie! “Go away,” he squeaked. After quite an uphill chase the Andean fox howled and alerted a condor!

“Ah, a nice break–Eep! A condor! Chasing me!” said Yellowie. The condor was above Yellowie, flying above to chase him. Yellowie stopped to catch his breath, but the condor swooped and almost caught him! He started running up the mountain again when the condor was close to grabbing him with her talons.

At last, Yellowie found a hidden spot in the rocks where the condor could not get him. “This is a nice spot to live, even though it is 22,000 feet high!” Yellowie said. Yellowie made a nest of leaves and after that, he felt that he really belonged here. In the morning, he had leaf ears because he slept in leaves!

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