Teen Talk with Renee: Get Creative with Time!

Check out this letter from your Teen Services Librarian Renée! This week she is writing about ways to spend your free time!

Congratulations!  You have made it through your first week of Home Learning.  Hopefully it went smoothly with only a few hiccups along the way (yes I’m talking about you Schoology!).  I hope you have found some ways to reconnect with friends, enjoy the outdoors, and just be a teen.

One thing my family has discovered about being at home and learning from home, is that we have a lot more time. The days are longer and the work day is shorter. There is no commuting, sports practicing, and showering (NOT OK PEOPLE!).  So what to do with the excess time??

If you have ever wanted to pick up a hobby, sport, or activity, now is the time!  With nicer weather coming our way, why not pick up running, cycling, or fishing? Or give your creative wild side an outlet with writing, drawing, or photography.  

One thing my family is doing is tapping into everyone’s talents and interests.  We have started weekly tutorials. My high school freshman, and our resident woodworker, has been teaching us the ins and outs of a bandsaw (safety goggles are a must!) and our family musician, and high school junior, will be instructing us in the art of making sweet music with a synthesizer. When it gets around to me, it will be knitting 101 (did I just hear an eye roll?!)

If you don’t happen to have a woodworker, musician, or a knitter in your household, there are magazines that cover all of the above and more!  Did you know you can access eMagazines with your library card? No Library card? No problem! You can now get an instant digital Library card!  You can find magazines focusing on all kinds of topics.  Including knitting (lucky you!).

Try something new or perfect a skill you already have!

Good talk!

All the best, 


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